Manage Your Employee With Time Clock Software

You job got easier with Time Clock Wizard and it track time you worked. The software reduces the payroll costs up to nine percentages with an automated timekeeping solution. Using this software, you can eliminate the human error, reducing buddy punching and getting rid of duplicate data entry. No more handwritten timesheets and no more complicated excel files are required if you use the time clock software. Employees can clock in using a biometric device or personal computer using this software even if they are on the road. It automatically calculates employee’s time worked and also it computes the break time. The software include features like the timesheet status with time card calculator, excessive hours computation, lateness check and clock in  and clock out time history and so on. You can save your time and money and increase the return on your investment by using this solution along with the features it include.

This software facilitates to create employee groups and the managers can organize employees in the timekeeping and attendance management system in to employee groups for convenient management. Managers also can define employee work shifts and employee groups can be assigned to these shifts and schedule the work plans based on their convenience. It performs the automatic error correction if any made by anyone and it also used to correct employee missing clock out events. Time attendance calendar indicates employee attendance in the attendance log management. It makes the employee clock in and clock out history management easier and provide these data to calculate the employee payroll.

Time card calculator can be used to calculate employee work hours and generate employee timesheet to calculate the payroll and reports can filtered by employee, employee group and work schedule. Timesheets are generated on the weekly basis and this automates the work hour calculation and timesheet generation for different type of employees in the company. You can download the timesheet in the form of PDF. The software support both windows and MAC OS. It has a simple design and easy to understand. The software provide the complete information about your employee’s clock in and clock out time.